Wanna Go For a Walk Wall Mounted Pet Gear Organizer Personalized

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Your pet is ready for that walk and now you will be too, because the leash, dog treats, your coat, hat and keys are all in one spot on your new Pet Gear Wall Organizer. And when you get back, the towel will be handy for wiping paws.

This stylish Pet Gear ski organizer rack is designed to suit any decor. The ski is Classic Taupe with “Wanna go for a W A L K” in bold black and your pet’s name announced on a black paw print to the right. The rack is complemented by 4 stainless steel hooks.

Created from up-cycled skis saved from the landfill. A gift for your pooch and a gift for our planet.

Find out more about this personalized pet gear rack here!