How KickFlip Creations came to be:

Victor Poncelet of KickFlip Creations

My name is Victor Poncelet and I would just like to say I’m so pleased to “meet you”!!

I live in Mississauga, Ontario and I am a graduate of the Applewood Secondary School Design Abilities program. Find out more about my school HERE.

While there I explored many options for my career but I settled on a business that allows me to be hands-on.

KickFlip Creations was launched in August of 2020. We are an environmentally responsible business, giving new life to used skis and snowboards that would otherwise be destined for the landfill.

Each creation is one-of-a-kind – OOAK – and the imperfections you see are part of each items character and mysterious history. We source our skis and snowboards from across the country and that makes you wonder just where it’s been.

KickFlip is a creative family affair.

My twin brother Matthew and I prepare the skis and snowboards. We take the bindings off, sand them and paint them according to each order. My mom Vikki creates the designs for every product and my dad Brian drives the business and marketing side here on the east coast. My cousin Andrew represents KickFlip on the west coast.

Our extended team includes Stephanie, Jerome, Raj and CJ.

We would love to make you a one-of-a-kind KickFlip Creation!

Email us with ANY questions you have –